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Reliable, professional and technically competent partner

​As an international lean management consultancy, it is important that our expertise is also evident in the translations we provide to our customers. In Jonathan Kocar we have found a highly dependable, professional and competent partner who guarantees this for our readers.

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A Wealth of Language Skill and Lean Expertise

A successful Lean translation isn't complete without both language skills and expertise in Lean.

Jonathan Kocar, founder and head of Lean Translation has acquired both during the course of his career. To understand what makes Lean Translation unique, let's take a look into Jonathan's past and his unique mix of language and lean management expertise.

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​Jonathan Kocar, a native German speaker, found a passion in foreign languages as a young man living and travelling through the United States. The nuances of the English language inspired him to pay close attention to how language is used and formed, creating a foundation for his career.

Building on this foundation, he worked on numerous international projects of varying intensity and duration. Each project was different, but always revolved around the scope of Lean Management. This has given Jonathan a deep understanding of the professional and technical aspects of the English language.

Lean Management Expert with experience in the automotive industry

Lean Expertise

​Lean Management is the central theme in Jonathan Kocar's curriculum vitae and has shaped his career. He started his work life as a mechanical engineer in the automotive industry, and went on to work with renowned companies (Daimler, Staufen, SKF).

Lean Management is an integral part of these types of companies. They not only bring the employee processes up to operational excellence, but also help customers achieve top performance. This is where Jonathan learned and internalized the Lean way of thinking.

No matter what specialized aspect of Lean Management you are looking for - Lean Manufacturing, Lean Logistics or Lean Administration - we have the expertise!